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Hi everybody, new to the forum, old to the game. Got bored, decided to do a playthrough as brute (PS3). Anyways, I don't add stats to strength (some may know why) which caused like 19 points being idle. I leveled up again, and I noticed I didn't receive a point. Kept leveling, got to level 78 (stats cap) and I maxed out strength. Problem was, one point missing. Leveled to 79, no point. Now, with a level 99 brute without full stats, looks pretty stupid. Can anybody help or do I have to live with it? Thanks.

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Not gonna lie this is a new one for me. You're stats still continue to increase after the cap at level 78, the only difference is it's automatic and you don't have a bar to see it anymore. This is how a level 99 is stronger than a 78. I don't remember what the base hit number is but what you can do is use another 99 character and take a zero stat sword to see how much damage you do against an enemy. Then use your Brute with the same weapon and try it again against the same type of enemy. If the damage is the same then you do have your strength maxed out, you just have an error on your stat screen.

Let me know how it goes. It is important to use a zero stat weapon on the same enemy type. Different enemies have different health.

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