Castle Crashers: Arena Friends And Foes!

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I haven't seen a topic about adding others as friends for arena and/or story mode. In the last couple months I have been playin CC with my gf only to find that the online arena mode wasn't too competitive let alone getting someone to join your match.

About a week and half ago I was so close to the 40 wins and got smashed by "insert name here." I had no idea you could juggle like that when madbestkiller completely destroyed me. I learned to juggle and found myself pretty good and took wins of these top players who I never saw until that day

After the tornament is over I expect the majority of players not to be on as often, but I would like to continue playing you guys. Everyone knows the feeling of waiting for someone to join and get someone with 0 games played and pick Beefy. Treasure or Quickdraw... Anyway I wanted to make a list of people who would like to add their gamer tag to this post so that we can continue to play once in a while when some of us are on.

TLDR; making a list of people for online arena battles for and after the tournament. - xbox gamer tag xSaviorselfx

Xbox 360 list


True Konquest

Reliable Random

Shnoggle v3

kptn howdy





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Add me to the list. I know i'm already on your friendslist, But anybody else can add me as well.

I'm really not that good. But still love playing this game.

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I'd like to get in on this list. GT: Fuzziskii

EDIT: Also sending requests to you all.

I didn't read your post so I didn't accept your request because I did not know who you were. Could you send another one? Edited by yugo657

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I may not be a good juggler, but I can help you in all non juggling situations, so feel free to add me if you want. Xbox live gamertag is Gamefemale. C U in CC Xbox Live! ;)

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