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Local Multiplayer Castle Crashers Steam

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I want to play with a friend, me in the keyboard and him in the Xbox Controller, but it seems that we both control de same character.How can I assign the Player 2 to the Xbox Controller, to control a different character?

Thanks, and sorry for my English

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I never found an easy method to be able to do this.

There are work arounds for games like Portal 2 and Left 4 dead, but I guess if you have one of those valve games that supports split screen and you really want to do it (i know I will be) its probably worth it. The gamepad stays on player 2 even after you exit portal2/left4dead, so i see no reason it wont work for castle crashers. It will reset if you unplug or shutdown though. It survives sleep mode and hibernation as far as im aware though.


There is also another method I haven't tried myself, but i will probably in the coming days which apparently doesn't require one of those games, but its in this l4d2 ss guide.


Hope that helps

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