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Becasuse everyone cares about my opinion I'm going to share my favorite comics.

X-Men: House of M

Batman Hush



The Walking Dead


The Sword



Superman Earth One


The Killer

Punisher Max

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Y: The Last Man

Morning Glories

Mouse Guard

House of M / M day is one of my fave Marvel crossover Arcs. I recommend checking out Avengers Children's Crusade #01-12 and Avengers vs X-men #00-12.

The two books pretty much wrap up the effects of M day. AvsX #12 JUST came out (mentioned in my OP) wraps up the M-day stuff amazingly well and if you are a House of M fan I would tell ya to give them a go.

For those not into comics M day was

started really when the Scarlet Witch remembered the existence of her twin sons, who were actually lost souls of Mephisto. She herself could not have kids so she created two by altering reality. The Avengers had a large hand in getting the twins erased and the sould back to Mephisto. When Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) finally remembered what had happened she kinda went... CRAZY!

She kills her husband The Vision, Ant Man, and Hawkeye. As well as pretty much destroying the Avengers mansion with an army of Ultron Robots and Kree/Scrull soldiers. Then the Avengers decide in reality it is their fault and disband.

Then her twin brother Pietro (Quick Silver) convinces a mind shattered Wanda (who is now in the therapeutic care of Xavier) to change all of reality and make those who have suffered pay for their crimes. She does and remakes the world.

This remaking was known as M Day. Wanda recreated the world in which mutants were the dominant species. As well as making Magneto (Wanda and Pietro's father) as king of earth.

Wanda in this world is now a princess (as her father is king) and lives secluded away in the castle with her twins recreated. Over time the heroes start to piece together the M world is not their real world and they conclude Magneto must have abused Wanda's mental state to give himself the world he always wanted.

They attack and Dr. Strange shows Wanda all the damage shes done. In the mean time Magneto finds out it was Pietro that talked Wanda into it. Magneto was enraged that his son used his name for such a massive crime to the world and reality itself. In this rage Magneto kills Pietro. Wanda sees this and freaks out.

She tells her father that she gave him what he wanted in his heart. That deep down he chose this world over his children. She proclaims that mutants are not the next step, that they are all freaks.

Then she said the words that has changed the Marvel universe in a huge way since then:

"No More Mutants"

With that reality was restored, but only leaving 198 mutants left on the planet (killing and depowering countless others) this was known as the Decimation. Wanda was also no where to be found.

Avengers Children's Crusade - Deals with her twins still part of reality after the M-day disaster as young heroes. They are part of an Avengers sect called the Young Avengers. They set off on a mission to find the Scarlet Witch, the question is shes been missing 16 years, is she even still part of this reality?

Avengers vs X-Men - Deals with a fight between the two teams over how to handle the arrival of the Phoenix (the space entity that killed Jean Grey) Cyclops believes this is to be the end of the mutant decimation, but will the mutant race be saved or erased?

Will do. Haven't kept up with my reading cuz of training but I'll have to catch up. Are they in tpb yet?

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