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Hello, I recently bough Castle Crashers on steam, and only as of today, have I started to experience this issue.

So pretty much when I get quite far into the game and close Castle Crashers, I re open it to find that I'm only up to the Flowery fields level! This has happened twice now, that I've beaten the Wedding crasher level and die on the next level and then close the game, then find out I'm only up to the Flowery Fields level.

I don't think it's not saving to the steam cloud properly, because it remember what rank(level)I'm currently at level 17 at the time of this post.

Pardon my grammar, and please help me find a way to stop this!



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The game only saves when you are in the world map. If you quit in the middle of a level then none of your progress will save. If you continuously play multiple levels and quit without going to the world mapy you've just wasted countless hours of your life. Exit to the map after every level and you won't have this probem.

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Also, the game saves level progression in chunks. For the sequence of levels that you mention, you need to play through the parade (the one after wedding crash) and then exit to the map for the game to save the progress.

Kind of a broken system, but that's how it works.

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