Official V-Day Contest: Show Your Love For Battleblock Theater

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To one of the greatest companies to grace my life. A huge inspiration to be an animator and game designer since Alien Hominid. Merry Christmas, you guys. Here is my procrastination and all of my love.




- Abdul El-Haj Ibrahim


PS, I'm still looking for a job.


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a_battleblock_theater_valentines_day_by_im sorry it's bad, i didnt have much time to work on it. also i know its probably the stupidest thing I've made so far, but who cares its just for fun.


edit: i know im late by a feww hours but can you please accept it. i worked my butt off all day sinse i got home from school. and even at school. im sorry i didnt meet the deadline by a few hours but can you please try and accept this. 

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I have a several amount of emblems made on black ops 2 and i love them, but i dont know how to record it and make a tutorial for youtube and post it here. Things that i made: (my favorite) The hungry racoon, the round headed friend of hatty holding a gem, alien hominid, that fluffy block where hatty is sitting on (on the beta page), the thief, the golden whale, the shark, the angry bee, the troll, the bear (prisoner), the security cat and i think something else to.

Any requests or ideas? Pls send a message to me, and i make it.

I love to make stuff for The Behemoth.

If this isn't love then I don't know anymore what's what.

Love u Behemoth! Thank you that you excists!!

Most original stuff ever: your brand as stressball... I mean, comon!

See ya later evrybody ;)

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