If There Were Guest Characters In Cc

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I haven't seen this anywhere on the forums so I thought I can make this thread.


Like the title says if there were guest characters from other games in CC who would you want and what would be their magic and starting weapon.


Personally I would love to see Zasalamel from the SoulCalibur series. His splash will mostly be the powers of Abyss his final form(sorry if you hadn't played the games, just go on the wiki if you're confused)


Splash: Void Nova: Fires a blast of black magnetic force.

Projectile: Cosmic Embryo: Shoots a sphere of darkness.

Jump: Gate of Kutoo: Flies upward while his sword spins in front of him.

Starting weapon: Irkalla(scythe)


Please keep in mind that this is not a real Behemoth poll and is just for fun.  :-P 

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Sonic the Hedgehog!

Splash: Spin Dash

Projectile: Homing Attack

Jump: a spring magically appears and shoots you up.

Starting weapon: Caliburn (his sword from Sonic & the Black Knight)

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The second I saw Gamefemale had replied to this thread, I already knew she wanted Sanic.


If by "guest", you mean anyone, I'd go with the person who should have been in every Smash Bros game.


Paper Mario.


Splash:  Equips Power Quake Badge and slams the ground, hurting enemies in front of him, similar to Necromancer arms

Projectile:  Uses the Hammer Throw Badge to, well, throw a hammer

Jump:  Equips Mega Jump Badge and jumps

Starting weapon would be his hammer, obviously, since it's the only "weapon" he has

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Gears of War: Benjamin Carmine:


Magic splash: hammer of dawn moveable beam.

Magic projectile: long shot bullet

Magic jump: regular gray gas

Sword: lancer

Arrow: boomshot

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Cloud (from FF7)


Magic Splash: Omnislash 

Magic Projectile: Meteorain

Magic Jump: Climhazzard

Sword: Buster Sword


the attacks wouldn't take as long as the old game. 

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