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I Have A Problem,help Me

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Help please! !


What to do if I changed permission in the game Castle Crashers and the monitor doesn't support it? Reinstallation didn't help! at an entrance to game there is a black screen, and sounds of game go what to do? It is game sty and I so think therefore when I press the right button of a mouse on a label and I come into a tab of property and a compatibility mode, I put 800х600 and all the same not помогает help please!

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If you have changed the default resolution in Castle Crashers and are unable to get the game to start after the resolution switch, we have a  "quick fix" solution for you.  


First, attempt to use the Alt+Enter shortcut on your keyboard. This should force the game to boot in windowed mode, which will allow you to enter game and set your resolution to 800x600 or another supported value. 


If this does not help, try the following:


Open the start menu of your computer, and in the search bar, input "settings.ini".  This will take you to the settings file for Castle Crashers.  If, for some reason, this settings.ini file is not present, please let us know and we will help you troubleshoot further.


Open the settings.ini file with any text editing program.  Change the width value to 800, and the length value to 600.  Save the changes and exit the file.  Attempt to launch Castle Crashers again, and you should be taken into gameplay.  


You can adjust your resolution in-game again, but avoid the resolution that led to the crash.  

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