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Tips For Alien Hominid Hd Head Chomper Acheivment?

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Please try to refer to this thread for any info if there's more questions just post on that topic.


Edit: There's a video in the helping hand spoiler that shows you OR you can scroll down and listen to T Diamond he's smarter than me.

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Actually that guide doesn't really help with that particular achievement.

Head Chomper was the only achievement I couldn't get in one sitting, and is the only one that I find to be difficult.There's basically three ways to get the achievement quickly and easily as possible.

The first is on one on 1-3 where you use the wall to line up enemies for you get. To me this one is the easier of the three, but also the more difficult one. This doesn't manipulate the AI so it can go wrong to no fault of your own. On top of that it can take forever. Refer the video here for more details:


The second method is the one that I used to get the achievement.This one is done on Russia 2-1. There are two different methods of doing a similar thing, I'll go over both of them.Immediately after kill the guard in the tower, jump on a KGB and prepare to get the achievement.


1) Make your way over to the right while riding the KGB. Once you get in range of another KGB chomp the head and land. Slowly progress to snow hill to the right of the tower. By the time you make it to the hill you should have 10-15 heads bitten. Once on the hill, got towards the middle so that both hills are visible but more of the hill on your left is showing. Use the slope of the hill to protect your self from gunfire and when a new KGB gets in range chomp the head your on and get a new host.


2) Leave a small gap on the left side of the hill. There should be enough room for a KGB officer to fit in there. Every time a KGB officer enters the gap, chomp the head you're riding and jump onto the KGB officer. Be careful of gunshots and KGB rolling out of the way as soon as they spawn. They also can come onto the right side so try to lure them into the gap if you do.


There is a another one that I can barely remember, but it's basically the same as number 2 Russia method.


After trying all 3, the first Russia method is on that got me the achievement  Come to think of it, I think that was one I made myself by putting a twist on the hill method to make it easier. 

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