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Wolfwood NLB

Not Able To Unlock "catguard Outfit" For X360 Avatar Award

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Message says "You earned an avatar award but your profile was not available." 


If it doesn't sort itself out, will replaying the finale unlock it again?


Hi Wolfwood -- It sounds like you had a profile syncing issue with Xbox LIVE. This happens sometimes when there is a hiccup in your LIVE connection, and the Xbox does not sync your data properly. 


There is a known workaround for this. You will need to delete and re-download your game.


Then, delete and resync your profile. 


Make sure you're signed in to Xbox LIVE first to give your profile a chance to sync, then delete your profile and re-download it given the below directions.


HOWEVER, please note: ALTHOUGH IT IS A VERY SMALL RISK, there is always a possibility of data loss when deleting and re-downloading a profile from Xbox LIVE. DO NOT attempt this troubleshooting step if you are uncomfortable with this risk. 


Once you've deleted and re-synched your data, you will need to re-perform the action that would have unlocked the achievement (the easiest way to do this would probably be hop into a game with a friend who is nearly at the end).


We apologize for the difficulty. Please let us know if this solves the issue for you.

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