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First Attempts At Painting Bob Ross Style

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Woah, Draken. That's some great landscape you got here. Congratulations. I love the pointillism on these trees in the second picture. How much time'd it take to get this all done?


off topic: you should get yourself a new avatar.

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I took your advice and changed my picture skyrim will have to do fro now..


The paintings didnt take too long around an hour or two im learning by Bob Ross.

You know, there's a thing Bob Ross says, it's that, you have to keep telling yourself that what you're doing looks good. For some people this sounds like a recipe for delusion. However I can say with complete honesty, that what you've done here looks great.

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Thanks man i appreciate it, i cant wait to see what my tenth painting looks like!


I can definitely see why he says that because there are times when your are just panicking and normally it ens up alright.

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I was working in Virginia this summer and didn't have much time to paint but while i was there i did paint this

uxTM7ro.jpgNot my best but having to stop painting for a few months i forgot a lot and i made a lot of mistakes.


I recently bought some acrylics and gave them a try and here are my pieces so far.





^not technically finished




regal_beagle_wip_acrylic_by_bambino404-dMy Regal beagle inspired by my dog bronx..still not entirely finished..


horse_wip_by_bambino404-d6z8y9x.pngAnd my most recent WIP this ones on a big canvas but im hoping the final product looks something like my mock up




lol thanks for looking!

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These are beautiful.


I can't believe how perfect these look, you have a true talent! That regal beagle might be my favorite thing ever now

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Haha thanks guys..maybe ive been away too long but i have no idea what necro'd is :(


also heres a picture of my beagle...i think it actually looks like him and not just like a beagle..



My God that dog is adorable.


And for future reference, Necro'd is slang for a "Necro Bump"


Like a Necromancer revives dead people, a Necro Bump revives dead threads.

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Wow can't believe its been over a year since those pictures..


Well its about that time to update you guys for those who remember me haha.

This is what ive been up to this year..unfortunately haven't been able to ship my clay so focusing on painting and drawing.



^my first ever commission!

^original water color sketch



^cool story here; This was just a quick drawing i did that i wanted to test out my new ink and brush since i figured I'd probably mess up and i mostly did haha then when it came time to water color another i wanted to test out the water colors on this ship because i had already messed it so i figured why not and it actually ended up being one of my favorites! The white is stacked up acrylic.


YUTTmKh.jpg?1^Recent one i did landscapes are definitely easier for me.



^ooh baby im happy with this one haha i think its currently my favorite...water color is just the best!


I'm assuming these pictures are huge so ill put the rest as links





Got some awesome sketches done today that ill be inking and painting tomorrow so ill try to post all three if i can get them done.

my deviant will have more i still have a journal full of drawings to finish or take pictures of.


Thanks for checking it out!

Questions & critiques are welcome!

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