Getting A Special Prisoner Unlock! The Behemoth Chicken Prisoner!

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BattleBlock Theater fanatics who playthrough the entire Furbottom’s Features OR Arena Feature will be getting a special prisoner unlock!

For a limited time only, the Behemoth Chicken Prisoner will be awarded to any BattleBlock Theater player who finishes an entire Featured playlist! It will be switched with a new prisoner unlock and we’re not telling when, so get it ASAP!




Anyone have more details about it? Just with finish an entire featured playlist we get the free prisoner unlock?

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I thought beating Furbottom's first playlist would be hard, it was difficult but not as challenging as the users on the forums made it sound. I'm just hanging around the forums because Behemoth has announced that every star head character will be unlocked by playing a new featured playlist. I only play on the weekends so I would like to know when it is available if it's come out yet.

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Got the chicken prisoner a while back, I'm wating for the new star prisoner to come out before I play anymore featured playlists.

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