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Castle Crashers Steam Update 1.3

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We’ve just launched our most updated version of Castle Crashers Steam edition. If you haven’t done so already, please download the update! Here are some of the things that have been improved: 

  • Added DirectInput controller support -- We currently supported only XInput controllers which is the newer way to support controllers. The older way is DirectInput, so now many older controllers should work. 
  • Added Keyboard or controller local coop support -- Users can now use a keyboard and a controller for two separate players in local co-op. Previously, both the keyboard and the first controller would be assigned to Player 1. 
  • Added launch parameters that can be set in the Steam Client prior to launch -- Added launch parameters to set the width, height, whether the application should be windowed or fullscreen, and whether we should disable audio. These can be set in the Steam -> Castle Crashers -> properties -> Set Launch Parameters section. The parameters are case insensitive, and we take the last value set (i.e. if you use "-width 3 -width 50", it will use 50. Or, if you use "-fullscreen -window", it will use a full screen windowed mode). 
  • Character select issue when using keyboard controls resolved -- Resolved an issue with character select that would cause the keyboard assignments to change. 
  • 'Medic' and 'Conscientious Objector' achievements no longer interfere with each other -- Prior to the update, if a user played the home castle though to barbarian war, and attempted to gain the medic achievement by resurrecting one other player in each level, then they would fail to get the 'Medic' achievement if they attack any enemies in those levels. 
  • Added save default ini file -- If the user doesn't change their settings we still create an ini file with the default settings for the game. 
  • The game no longer runs faster than the desired gamespeed on slower machines -- Before the update, machines that ran at less than 30fps would attempt to 'catch up' missing game time when they ran above 30fps, resulting in game speed up. We now account for this missing game time, so it does not build up and alter later game speed. 
  • Removed plug’n’play audio on Win 32 machines -- Removed the check for new audio devices on Win 32 machines. 

    If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact us by creating a ticket in our support system:
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Yay! Does that mean that when you go into "learn to play" it doesn't show the xbox controls anymore?

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