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The chicken was our 'thank you' note for early supporters after waiting a long 4.5 years.  It was available for roughly 16 days or so.  The other thank you notes in the game right now would be the Castle Crasher and the Alien Hominid for previously supporting us or making the decision to support us today, tomorrow, or any time in the future.  Or of course anyone playing that week in Furbottom's, keeping the quickmatch fresh.


There is always the scenario of yourself having a prisoner a chicken headed owner has, who did not receive the one you have, and you trade each other for the desired prisoner.  There's also the scenario of someone who played the first day or so yet hasn't played that much - and you want to give him 100 gems for the chicken. He accepts since he'd rather unlock a bunch of stuff than hold onto the chicken.


If that scenario does or does not happen, you'll have 319 prisoners if you've shown up for all the Features.  Since you can only be one prisoner at a time, I'd argue that's a lot of excess choice.  This is more akin to something like a shift-code for Borderlands 2 since it costs you nothing and only requires some timing - aside from our timing lasting 400 hours instead of their 1-2 hours.


There are temporary time-locked prisoners going on right now and there will be more shortly, so I'd say if you're directly interested in those things you should play soon.  It's an incentive to act earlier rather than later, although if you choose to lament over however many prisoners you missed over time instead it won't be an incentive at all and I have no argument.


I viewed this as our chance to give people free content over time and keep players interested and coming back (to retain the playerbase as much as possible) while giving players who make good playlists exposure all for $0.00.  This is a big reason why I personally made this decision.  If it is free it's something anyone who is playing can achieve without reaching into their wallet.  I'm a player who tries to get everything unlocked ASAP and I have done that, so even for myself I have a reason to keep coming back after I've unlocked 'everything'.  


Really, though, those prisoners aren't the heart of the game.  They are an accessory to all of the other content that should last you a very long time

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I Got it yesterday by trading! I'm so lucky now I have every specal head up to dateincluding the Knight from CC and the Alien for AH!!! xD

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Its better than shift codes/golden keys for borderlands 2, dan.

From a big fan of borderlands and borderlands 2, as well as a gearbox supporter and an affluent (spammy) member of gearbox forums. Golden keys are a nice little bonus, and a way to track activity/following. But they never kept me coming back to the game. The special star heads, even if I haven't loved the ones so far (everyone has different tastes! They still are fantastic.) are a joy collecting and I have trade stuffs incase I miss some that I really want down the line. Plus, gems from community stages.

(sorry Pandy Richford.. I still love you and your forums that you never come to except that one time.)

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Uh unless they give it again or someone wants to offer it. It's like DLC that you can't get anymore for missing it already. I just don't see that as a great way for people that want to consider buying the game long run at this rate. At least with the Rubber Hand Sword from CC it was still possible to get as people are willing to help get it. This seems like a whole different story tho. For example if I went and bought the game right now, how many would be willing to offer it? Possibly none, and that is sorta my point.

Anyone who is in to the game, will get it launch day. Someone who is more dedicated to the game will get what they deserve. Also comparing it to DLC is incomprehensible. I see your argument and understand it, but it's just that it doesn't have enough valid points. You didn't get the head because you sucked at the game, you weren't dedicated enough to learn how to beat that specific Furbottom's playlist, or didn't get the game early. There has to be a reward for people who are willing to put time into the game to follow it, learn it, and constantly play it. If there are no extra perks for those types of people, then it's pretty much a dead community. It's tough luck.

All you have done is proved my point, so thanks.

I'm sorry, that was wrong quotation on my part. I do agree with your second post, but was mainly aiming at your first post and trying to argue that with not getting certain star heads making the game undesirable and how it is comparable to DLC. Though I'm pretty sure Dan got everything down that I failed to add onto my second post, and proving your point... I'm not entirely sure what was proven here, but since you've been having a tough time, we'll go with that.

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