Battle Block Theater Figures

Battle Block Theater Figures   

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  1. 1. What Battle Block character would you like made in a figure?(Like how castle crashers got toy figures)

    • Square Head figure
    • Circle Head figure
    • Star Head figure
    • Triangle Head figure
    • Cylinders Head figure
    • Hatty figure
    • Cat guard
    • Tofu horse

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The box should be a cell,or the machine the prisoners are purchased from in game. It should come in a capsule they pop from when you buy them too! And you can have its prisoner # on the box. Should be 5cm tall figures and relitivly cheap to produce. Blank body and one solid color with a little ink for the face. You could make the blocks from the game purchasable separate to create scenarios with the figures. Make them able to magnatize to the blocks!

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they should just let there be a vote on the game, and since they are already making figures, the cat guards, does anyone now who else for sure is going to be a figure

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Hmm?  We already have Cat Guards!




They've only been on sale at the shows so far.


Are they being sold as a set or separately?  Can you tell us anything about pricing for them, like what they're going for at shows?  They look sick, I want a militia of them for my shelf!

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 Glad you like my plushes! The Golden Whale and Shark were relatively easy and super fun to make.


Anna's shark & whale are spot on, by the way. Hatty is pretty cute, too. He's lacking on tears, though. And maybe a gem.  :geek:


Actually he did have detachable tears!




I made them with felt with a paperclip as a hook at the last minute. I don't think we have them anymore though. I should make better tears and perhaps some plushy gems for him to hold!

So Anna, when will we be seeing those plushies in store? Or were you hired just for the sake of making plushies only for them to have?

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