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Making A Story Playlist? Ensure It Goes Into The Right Section By Reading This!

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Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to describe the Story playlist formatting a bit more. Hopefully this will help you get the best out of the Level Editor!




You can make either an ARENA (eligible for Featured Arena) or a STORY playlist (eligible for Furbottom's Features).


In order to make a STORY playlist, you MUST place 15 levels of specific types (either Adventure or Challenge) in a specific order into your playlist. If you don't follow this format EXACTLY, your playlist will go into the Arena section and CANNOT be moved.


You pick your level type under Column 9 while holding down LT in the editor. 


Here is the format you must use, numbering from left to right:

Levels 1-9: Adventure Mode (Strawberry icon in the playlist -- select the "Gem" in Column 9 when holding down LT)

Levels 10-14: Challenge Mode (Triangle with Exclamation Mark icon in the playlist -- select the "Clock" when holding down LT)

Level 15 (Secret Level): Adventure (Strawberry icon in the playlist) OR Challenge (Triangle with Exclamation Mark in the playlist). Select either the "Gem" or the "Clock" when holding down RT. Be sure to place a Secret Level block in one of your other levels, so players can access this level -- it doesn't get a door!


You'll also see the icons for the suggested template when saving to a playlist. Make sure the icons match!


This process is described around minute 4:00 of this video:


Hopefully this helps! Happy level creating!

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Any news on when Furbottom's Feature will update with the new playlists and unlockable Star heads?


Wai-- whuh?!?!?! This has nothing to do with my thread! 


Soon -- but not CRAZEFACE soon. Please keep an eye on our Dev Blog ( the Furbottom's Feature section of the forums:

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Can a mod tell this guy to not double/triple/quadruple post like he has before? Try to sound threatening.

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