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First off... Hello! I just want to let The Behemoth team know that I'm a big fan of their work! You and Bungie are my favourite game creators! Anyway off to what this topic is really about.


From Ch. 1 to 7 for me the encores were pretty easy, you just had to keep cool and think it through. But Ch.  8 is a whole different story, were you guys trying to trick me into thinking that Ch. 8 was easy because you did a great job haha!  Ch. 8-3... Was that ever rage inducing with the red cube things shooting at you over and over rapidly and spawn killing you. I actually tried to use my dart shooter on the left wall but that failed. haha


So how did all of your encores go?



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I am still working my way through Insane solo but I did finish a few Encores on Normal.


My favorite encore was the first Furbottom one featured last week. The gauntlet of homing missiles coming at your from top and bottom as you jump on the exploding blocks. What a pain in the butt that was on Insane. lol

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I enjoy encores because they are a nice change of pace from the other levels.


The second encore level on Chapter 8 is the toughest for me.  I have every level done with A++ on insane mode except this one and it's killing me.  Getting to the end of that level with the homing rockets and dying is the most rage inducing thing I've come across in this game.


For the third encore in chapter 8 I held up on my right analog stick so I could see a bit more of the screen and it helped a lot.  Only took me a couple tries to get an A++ on insane once I did that.

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