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Trade For The Furbottom Star Head

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I need Purrham Furbottom as I missed the window to get him for free.  It sucks because that's one that I would really like to get.  I don't really have any heads that I could trade, but I can trade Gem's, or Yarn.  Really any amount of either (considering I have it) because it's one head I really want and will not be able to get it through just collecting gems and buying it.  So it's invaluable as far as I'm concerned.


I'd even be willing to trade Steam gifts for said head...I really wanted it. 


Anyone willing?  Contact me on here or through Xbox for any offers.


Gamertag: LL DuMPWeeD LL

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Clearly we have a misunderstanding here. I wanted to trade with someone who had the head, not give someone it.  Good news though, the blog post regarding this star head reads: the Furbottom prisoner will no longer be available (for an indefinite amount of time). Meaning, the furbottom head might return!

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