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While having a friend try a part of level I was building the idea for some sort of tracking system for different stats of a level to to tracked and viewable by the creator/publisher. It would have been fun to see how many attempts/deaths he had on the part. ( Fairly sure he was about to put his controller though his TV  :-P  ) No idea of this would even be possible but might be a cool add-on in the future as the game, hopefully, gets more user created levels published and played.

Some ideas that might be tracked


- Deaths

- Death count for traps (Hard jump/trap areas)

- Location of death

- Times map was finished completed

- Fastest time map was finished




Advanced tracking, if possible, would be to track path user took to complete level. With the use of different weapons its possible to finish most maps in more then one way. DART GUN WOO!





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Stats tracking would be super awesome. Even if it was just a leaderboard style that tracked amount of deaths and time to complete. Would be nice if the tracking could be per level in a playlist and the playlist as a whole but I would be happy just to have tracking for the playlist as a whole.


I would prefer to see these stats trackable somewhere for everyone to see but being able to know these numbers as the dev for the level would be helpful in determining if the playlist was not popular due to death count or not being able to finish the level or...

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yeah you could have hall of fame. ex. _namehere_ in 1st finishing the track in 38 sec. also to avoid hackers creator can watch their time beating run to see how they beat it.

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