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Arena Playlist - We Like Sportz By Atmosbreak

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Hello everyone. I've been working on this playlist since release, and finally uploaded the playlist a week ago.  It features a mixed bag of arena types with many crossover stages as well. The final stage features muckle, king, bball, and horse all in one map.


I put a lot of focus on balance especially on the multi-type maps. Trying to strike a balance with a color your world / king of the hill map was quite difficult, but it ended up being one of my favorites to play.


My goal is to get this list featured. Please go give it a try and rate it. If you have any questions or opinions I'd love to hear your feedback here. 

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We Like Sportz by Atmosbreak BREAKDOWN
Internotes: Lonely Island reference?? Besides that, maybe KingOfRock should've been titled FeedMeTheRock. Not sure about that, because I do like KingOfRock as a title as well.


01. MuckleYourPants: Pretty overly-plain muckle map that, while fairly enjoyable, offers nothing to crazy fun, unique, or inventive. Great title, though.  :-) 
02. LookAtThatHorse: One of the most fun horse maps I've played hands down. Simple enough and very fitting to the gametype, all while making the hazards really just work.
03. FeedMeTheRock: Yeesh. This is a map that sounds great on paper (aka, the idea is solid), but something about it's execution makes it... not very fun. I think it's probably the fact that to actually make the basket being down below is more annoying than anything without proper footing AND the laser. I do like the teleporter above the goal mechanism, though.

04. Slide: Much like your solo muckle map... just a plain and boring color map that I don't think even fits in well with the creativity of the other maps. This level really doesn't belong or deserve to be matched up with the rest of the levels.

05. JumpBall: Went into the level thinking it would be another plain ball game map, but was happily surprised when I found the invisible blocks below the nets really added a nice touch and would love to see this implemented further (keeps the ball up and obstacles out!).
06. SoulSteal: Decent map. maybe still much too simple. Not bad, but it wasn't really good.

07. KingOfRock: The most interesting of the single game type levels. Though I didn't have much room to pay attention to the rock mechanism, it made for a very tense match and an interesting way of either blocking the king blocks or killing enemies. One of the best maps IMO.

08. BattleBall: Not a fan. I think the muckle and basketball combination SHOULD probably work the best, but the map was too cluttered and just not very fun to me.
09. IceGarden: Another great match-up, king and color, but unlike the last map I also really like the level. The design choice of having every other block be colorable in the middle offset by clouds in a giant square right below a few king blocks works extremely well.

10. Joust: Not a big fan of the gametype, and this map doesn't sell me on it. I do think you handled the toast placement very well, though.
11. NoEscape: This tiny, compacted muckle map works very well with few environmental hazards that's placements make them appropriate and enjoyable, with what the majority (and front and center) of the standing room being king blocks makes this an intense and wonderful map.
12. HORSE: Like the fact that you can stand on the switch to score the goal yourself, but other than that this could have just been a basketball map and would probably prosper more from being so.

13. CityOfThieves: LOVE THIS MAP!!! Which is surprising, because all though I don't care too much for horse or souls, you perfectly combined the 2 in a very well-interpreted map. The actual layout is AMAZING. The starting point is great -which is something that normally isn't even given much attention, but I also think the implementation of the laser bridge is one of the most successful out of any time I've seen it used.
14. GrabTheBall: Unluckily for the opposing team the whale got stuck underneath and so I had a very easy time collecting an ungodly amount of coins to start off with, which made victory easily obtainable. Besides that, I had a problem with the turret at the bottom because it seemed pointless and an unnecessary obstruction more than anything. There is quite a bit good about this map, though. For instance, the ball spawning mechanism is great. Also the simple design of the level works very much in favor of the players. And my biggest comment to give on this one, is though I don't think combining gold and basketball works all too well (maybe it was just the execution), but the concept of being able to jump on someone's head while they hold the ball to stall them and have them lose the ball all at once seems heavily under-utilized.

15. CastleCrashers: ANOTHER FLAWLESS MAP!!! I had actually implemented the idea of scoring as many ways as possible in one map, but your execution of doing so was better tenfold. Overall it was all great, but simply put, I love the level design and in specific the staggered king blocks upon the castle.

Outernotes: I actually had a hard time deciding if I wanted to five star this playlist or not based on how perfect CastleCrashers was alone. It was almost enough to give it that extra half-star, but ultimately I decided this was unfair seeing as a few of the maps just did not hold up to a perfect rating.

RATING: * * * * 1/2
LEVELS THAT SHINE: KingOfRock, CityOfThieves, & CastleCrashers
WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS PLAYLIST?: Definitely. There is a lot of neat things worth checking out in this playlist for innovation alone, but then on the key influence of the 3 levels listed above, I believe this is even a feature-worthy playlist. Great job Atmosbreak.

Edited by DavidB

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Sure. Seems legit. (You stole my idea! I have a playlist I'm making completely out of combo levels. I have to say that I really hope you don't have a Challenge/Ball Game level...Oh well...)

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Sure. Seems legit. (You stole my idea! I have a playlist I'm making completely out of combo levels. I have to say that I really hope you don't have a Challenge/Ball Game level...Oh well...)

I actually have an original of each game type on it's own (excluding challenges) in addition to the combo stages.

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