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I'm almost done with my first arena playlist, but before I can finish I need to know whether challenges in a mixed playlist will become solo or co-op. Should I make one for solo play and have it be easier for co-op, or make one for co-op play and have it harder (or not beatable) for solo?

Also if I put challenges in my playlist, will the game auto assign the playlist to be co-op and hosts will have to wait for a full room just to start, will it assign solo and the whole playlist can only have two players, or will it allow 2-4 players like any other arena playlist?

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Challenges won't actually change their 'mode' - It will just split up teams based on the teams chosen before entering the playlist.  For example, a full 2v2 in the Lobby will play as a 2v2 in Challenge.  A 1v1 and a 1v2 will be the same as well.  Arena playlists aren't divided up into Solo or CoOp , so your fine on the Lobby as well - no waiting for the host.  It's all pretty free-form.  


That being said, make whatever you want with challenge.  My only suggestion would be to label it if it's CoOp in the Level Name - players can skip it if it's just two people in the game.    


Hope this helps! 

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