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Playlist Deletion

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A couple days ago, I uploaded a playlist to the community theater.  Today I started up Battleblock Theater and, before playing, decided to check on how my playlist was being rated.  To my surprise, my playlist was nowhere to be found and seems to have been deleted. It was in my favorites and was high on the list of new solo playlists yet is now on none of these lists.


I posted about this in another thread but I figured it would be more appropriate and would get more immediate attention here.  Link to said thread:


So I went to check on my playlist's rating today and it seems to have been deleted?  It's not in my favorites or in the new user-created playlist section anymore despite being there last night.  


I'm curious if anyone knows anything about this happening and could maybe lend some insight to me on the issue?  I have a backup of my levels so I can re-upload them if need be but I'd like to get word on why this might have happened before I do so. 





Anyway, I haven't heard of this issue before so I just thought I'd post it here. Thanks in advance.

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