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Playlist Name: TheTimeHasCome
Gamertag: Babadingldoo

Playlist Type: Arena play with switches! ~My body is on the switches.~
I remember someone asking for levels involving switches, so I made a whole playlist (seeing how original the idea I am). This is a fairly mixed arena playlist, with two of each type and a challenge at the end. I used all the regular block patterns, all the block colors, all the background types (excluding the metal one), and an even number of background colors, so the levels should look unique and the playlist visually fresh. The levels get progressively harder after every pair, so all players should find something at their level of play.
I took way too long to make each of these levels, and they probably suck too, but I can't fiddle with them any more. I have a feeling due to the difficulty and the crampness of most of the levels that this won't get featured, but that's the kind of game I like to play. Will probably get one stars from a lot of casuals and rage quitters, but I guess that's just how it is. Thanks to the few that beta tested my playlist privately, I would have uploaded a lot of broken levels without you. I hope you enjoy the experience and wait for your feedback eagerly.

Here are the descriptions and what I'd like to think are humerous speeches for each level. If you want the levels to be a surprise, don't open the spoilers.

Bait n Switch - Gold
YARG! Come eboard me spookey pirate ship as we travel the sea in search of the golden whale! But be careful, the boards are shiftin about, so you better find safe land, or you'll be scrubbin the floor for scraps of booty! It doesn't look like much of a ship but TRUST ME it is, or you'll be walkin the plank that's not there!
Basically the right of the level is made of random switch blocks that change frequently and unevenly. The left side is a zig zag passage with switch walls and switch floors. Watch out for the top, if you're caught under the fans you'll be shot straight to the bottom is less than a second.

Loopidy BE3P boop - Horse
What is this?! What do I do?! HURM!?!? Try going down th3n up! Dummy... I m3an s3riously th3re's lik3 arrow signs pointing th3 way everywh3re how hard could it b3? This l3vel might b3... th3 boopin3st gam3 of hors3 you'v3 3ver play3d.
It's a figure 8 that you can only go one way because switch doors block the goals. Lots of spikes and water bellow, so it's best to play it safe (or get the secret wings what am I talking about shh).

Hoop n Boop - Ball
Looks like some canyon on an alien planet. Climb up the rocks to the baskets at the top. But watch out, the basket can become a deathtrap to those who sit. You'll be swimmin with the alien fishes. Wonderwuzzles all over da place I swear man it's infested.
It means no net camping, because the floor can be switched off and you can't get out in time. Plus you can throw the ball in the hole so watch out. The fall is pretty long too, so best just avoid getting near the hoop at all. The hardest part is getting up, cause the middle has a spring to wall plus lava roof combo. If you can't figure it out, just jump off someone's head. ;-)

Abandoned Jail - Soul
Some say that the jail cells are haunted with the ghosts of the prisoners. Some also say that the only way to set them free is to open the gates from the upper control pannels. Some sometimes say you need a confirmation key, but some others sometimes know something heavy will do the trick.
I say you need to kill yourself in order to get out, then run to the top an throw a rock on the switch to open the opponent's cells. The level is uneven to show the wreck the place is in. In soul snatcher this shouldn't be an issue with fairness though. (usually hopefully maybe)

The Great Divide - Color
Walls all over the place, I wanna win it, I wanna bop you. You’re scared to open it up, I know what you'll do, but I’ll try it out cause whatever. You fight for half, you push the button, you’re all by yourself at the end of the round, but where is your teammate? You play it safe, so there’s nothing to do, I wanna go over but you won’t open it, I wanna go get those walls man. Push it down c'mon and let me over, I wanna play the rest of the map please. Let’s just try it out, one white and one blue, nothing will happen till you try to open The Great Divide.

So the map is symmetrical both horizontally and vertically, except for a diagonal line separating half of the map. In order to get to the other side, you need two people to stand on switches and have the other two go over. Or you can just stand around an do nothing until the time runs out cause there is no decolorize when half the map is gray.

Ol Switcheroo - Muckle
No the preview is not a :3 face shut up. No there is nothing old about the level I'm sorry. NEOW I'm not paying for new speakers leave me alone thanks. Oh my god noooooo you can't have my donut head stop asking jeez. ...Alright that's it I'm not even going to use weapons, just straight up beat up right up your tiny
[this user was blocked]
Here we have a small mirrored match that changes so often you won't find safe ground anywhere but the bottom, and we all know what happens to players who camp at the bottom in muckle. Plus spikes in naughty places for upercuts while in the air and jumping around constantly.
WARNING: VOLUME CHECK! Turn down your speakers or change the sound in options before playing this level, you will thank me. The game adds sound for each switch block and switch raise block, and due to the amount on this level plus the frequency of the switch pressing (very fast, like one block apart) the volume will be about three times greater than normal. Don't blame me I didn't make the game mechanics.

No Time To Explain - King
Quick just get up there and score never stop moving watch out for saws and spikes and lazers and bridge traps and jetpacks why are there so many puzzle blocks I think it's for decoration whatever I don't think I scored yet how about you Jeff nope still dying all the time yea me too what a bunch of ball-own-knee I can't have fun cause I can't camp all day now I need to play differently change is bad I need consistency what I just got here and now I need to move to the other side ONE STAR WHOLE PLAYLIST!
Hopefully players are not like this and have fun with the chaos. Symmetric level with two king locations, but only one will be open at a time (mostly) because the saws will close off the king blocks but there is another saw that rides on the king blocks. There's also spikes all around the king blocks so expect lots of pushing and dying and chunky bits urvrywhur. Also, lazer to bridge combo is used for haphazard traveling.

Fair Play - Ball
A match made with rules, regulations, restrictions. You know... fairness. No more hoop camping: you die. No more solo playing: two people needed at the ball; one from each team (or two on the same team I don't care really). No more head jumping: too cramped and dangerous. Just a simple, even, probably won't score once, game of ball game.
Okay so you need two players because each side opens the other side's switch door, and the ball has two doors so you can't just stand on everyone to reach the ball first. The hoop has a fan plus spike combo so anyone who trys to jump on it will die. Yes I know this means auto scoring but the rest of the level is hard enough where getting to the hoop at all is a challenge.

Pony Crown Thingy - Horse
Simple level really, just go straight for the most part. Or maybe I'm lying and the rest of this huge level could be used for something. An alternate path to the horse at the top corners possibly? Another way to score that may or may not be in the title of the level? Monster racoons that aren't just for decor, hmm? Nah I just like drawing a picture of the horse in the level. :-D
Confused? Probably not. I'm totally giving away the secrets to the level so people actually use them and don't just try and gallop to the goals. It's kinda hard too because there's tredmills making you slow right next to enemy spawn points. And cramped spikes in the middle making for quick buck deaths. The king blocks on top the horse's head can only be opened by the switches at the bottom right where that spike path is, so camping safely is possible and recommended if you're having troubles scoring.

Four Zone War - Color
The year: no one cares. The place: all over The Place. The war: graffiti vandalism. Time to put on your big saggy pants below your bum and spray illegible words on public property because turf stuff that's only true to other turfers and not a credible source of ownership. This is important to the world.
This level is neat I think. It's divided into four equal sections that have their own theme and get progressively harder to traverse. The switches only let you go around the level in a counter clockwise direction and open for a short time, so it's best to color quickly and finish close to the doors. If you get stuck it's going to be a while until they open again. Also due to the timeframe it takes to get to each section there is no decolorize this level.

Trapendous - Muckle
I uh... wanted this? This um... has king blocks in it... and death... so try and avoid that, cause you know... free points for them. Just... press the button or something... try to have fun here. You're near the end of the playlist I'm surprised everyone didn't leave by now.
It's go likes this; there's six king blocks around the level, and every one has a different hazard. There are three switches that will close people off and open the hazards up, so there's no escape. It's very cramped and very complex so it might look like random mush from the preview. Very hectic with just two players.

Codename  C A T - Soul
C.A.T., or Collectivly Agreed Termination, is a law in this fight in which two players must agree on a swift death to all players on the battlefield, thus freeing all souls from their hosts. Be wary, once you decide on this matter, you cannot go back on your choice. That wasn't funny at all.
Traps at the top corners will open half the walls around the level, and opening both sets will cause lazers to fire in every location. There are a few spots where you can hide however. Please don't go in the traps if you have any souls, cause the souls can't get out either. I built this with a full room in mind, but it's still fun without the gimmick if there's just two of you. The level is very small anyway.

Push Your Luck - Gold
You can tell by this point I was running out of ideas for levels. This level is so basic it might actually be great, or it might be annoying as all get out. Simple tiny box split in two, with water and switch bridges. Press the button for drown time and gold sink.
I think I covered everything in the speech thing. There's teleporters to get to the other half, and the switches open the half you're not in. Sawblades come out where the button is if you press it to keep people in check. Hopefully this prevents button camping well enough.

King Colt's Tomb - King
Far inside the desert jungle lies a secret tomb belonging to the once great King Colt. Team up with your enemies and solve his puzzle to open the tomb and claim the riches it holds, or risk going home broke and fustrated. This will be you :x and this will be me :|
Co-op arena? GUWAAAH?!?! Yes I did it. Got a problem, don't play it, it's at the end for a reason. Throw someone over the river to the other side where a switch resides. Then work together calling the horse over puzzles to the other switch, which will open the tunnel leading to king blocks and horses everywhere. I mean there's so many you could trap yourself under them, or climb on top of them to get to the four horse bases. Since there's only two minutes you better hurry. Only play this level if you have compitent players who won't just smack you for MPV strawberries.

Galvanize - Challenge
The ultimate button reference! Now the playlist title makes sence! (must be 13 or older to get this) What a clever guy who won't get his playlist removed for copywrite because the word galvanize is a real word which he used to properly convey the theme of the level and not the reference's origins or ideas! Wow! :-o
Galvanize means to move into action as if electrocuted (shocked into action), or medically to be electrocuted. This level is full of electrocution, by lazers. I'd say there's eight distinct sections to the level to try and solve, all involving lazers somehow somewhere. Some use switches and some use bridges, so the theme is still there. This level is doable both solo and co-op, though It will be easier with two in some places. Only some. The last part involves the dreaded duck and a few mechanics not used in the story. And wow you read the whole post without passing out, w2g!
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