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Combo Arena Levels - If And When They Should Be Used (And How Not To Mess Up A Level)

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The recent arena FF has many levels where multiple game types are used. You might think this is a good way to boost the fun factor of a level, but unless done right will actually ruin the level. It's apparent throughout We Like Sportz.


Different game types give different amounts of points, and whichever gives the most and/or is the easiest to obtain will be the focus of the level. For example: putting Grab the Gold as the game type then adding a king block(s) will make the match King of the Hill focused. Putting Ball Game as the game type then adding horse base blocks will make the match Capture the Horse focused.


Let me break it down by showing the least point heavy mode to most:

  1. Grab the Gold - gives 1 point per gold piece; takes a while to get gold to safe; will probably get up to 20 points per match.
  2. Ball Game - gives 7 or 10 points per basket; depending on level design anywhere from 7 to 56 per match.
  3. Soul Snatcher - gives 1 point slowly per soul; easily get 50 points per match min.
  4. King of the Hill - gives 1 point rapidly per person; 100s place possible per match.
  5. Capture the Horse - gives 1 point consistently per person and 25 points per capture; is like mobile king block with benefits; easily get to 100s place per match.
  6. Color the World - gives 1 point per normal block or spike block if hit on spike side; highly dependant on level structure but usually in the 200s or 300s place per match.
  7. Muckle - gives 2 or 3 points per hit, 10 per self death, and 20 per kill; will usually get to 300s place easily per match.



A balance needs to be obtained where both (or even three) game types give a significant value to the level.

  • If you add Capture the Horse to another game type (besides Muckle), make it harder to get to their horse or get to your goal.
  • Use less normal blocks for Color the World if you add Ball Game or King of the Hill to it, but make sure the extra game type isn't too easy to score either.
  • Don't add any game types to Grab the Gold unless it's a difficult Ball Game.
  • Any extra game types in Muckle will be chump change in the long run, and unless done right will be insignificant or add unfair randomness to the score.
  • Adding all three extra game types to a mode is ignorant as Capture the Horse will be the dominant booster.



I hope this helps people create better combo levels and prevents good concepts turning into levels with the wrong picture on the door.

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Very well written. I've seen far too many mixed maps that just don't have it right (though when I saw my first, I was so impressed that it was actually possible!) Now that I've finished my single player playlist (for the second time...) I'm very much considering arena. Mixed types is worth a look. Thanks! :)

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I have been noticing that the combo Color the World + Ball Game is the most common in many playlists I played, and you put the words in sentences most people would (hopefully) understand

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