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Hello everyone there!


I made a while ago a new arena playlist called Tree eats you, the reason why i post this topic now is that I just discovered it.

For those dummies who don't know how to find my player created playlist let me explain:

First of all: when you are in the mainscreen go to xbox live game.

Second: you want to host my playlist, so go to host match and select arena: community theater.

Third: select search for playlist and type in my name (HTTP 405 Error) or search for Tree eats you and then (suprise suprise) select the playlist.

The fourth thing you want to do: Go ahead and relax while you are consuming some pizza so you can enjoy your journey to collect fellowers who can enjoy my playlist too!

The fifth and final thing: PLAY! Let your problems be eating away by the tree where you are playing on!!


Thanks for reading and playing my playlist!

Feedback is appreciated!

And remember: Eat pizza and rate 5!!


:ugeek: (looks like Dan P doesn't it?)


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