Yes! It's New (I Think)! It's Fresh (I Hope)! It's Totaly Not Boring (That's For Sure!)!

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Hellooo again!

Here is a new game I presenting on the forum, called: if someone knows a name say it then :P

This is a game where you don't ask the question, but you begin with the awnser!

It is not hard at all! example: This week awnser is: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner!

What you have to do is come up with a question, or a note or something like that. for this awnser would be a good question: Is that a 'monkey'control prisoner?!

I know I know I am not the best at this game but I'll bet you guys are! So go ahead! Give it a try and maybe something hilarious pops out from time to time!

Every week from now on I will come up with a awnser, and you guys give a question to it!

If you have ideas for an awnser post them! pm me perhaps if you want to keep it a suprise!

So for the first time evahr we start with the awnser that I used in the example: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner!

Good luck :)

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You mean this forum game is kinda like this linked forum game?

No way!

It's slightly different, there you answer the previous question and ask your own. Here there's a weekly answer and you have to ask a question corresponding to that answer. Personally, I like "ask a stupid question get a stupid answer" better because it seems more dynamic.

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wups, didn't checked this post in a while!

next answer of this week will be: there are 5 sides on the dog house.

although I don't know what the question would be... so you guys figure that out! :D

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