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[Ending Spoiler Stuffs] The (Possible) Fate Of Hatty Hattington

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I'm going to say it now, and if you were too stupid to read the title, you deserve to have it spoiled.



However, I have come to the conclusion that he may be alive, and let me explain why!

"But wait!" I hear you say. "Isn't it as illogical to explain this as it is to explain the Castle Crashers ending? I mean, that was just a bunch of weasels and penguins and a princess!"

No. This is for Hatty's sake.

Now, first of all, I will explain the in-game water.

Notice that when you land in water, you sink slowly and there's a sickly gurgling noise. You also seem to disappear into nowhere when this happens. Just comic effect though, right?


The water is actually a thick and acidic gelatin substance. Notice how the gurgling noises start BEFORE you go underwater? Doesn't really make sense, unless the water isn't water but a thick substance. Still don't believe me? Well, the player is tall enough to stand in the water and breath. Even a guy who can't swim can safely stand in water. But when you stand in the water, you just die, even though it's barely a block high. Don't believe me? Throw a rock block in. You'll see how high the water is, as the rock does land at the bottom.

"But wait, if it's an acidic gelatin substance, why can the boats and horses safely go through it?!"

Well, notice how the horses don't die. Even when you through grenades at them. My theory is that their hide is very strong, flexible and mobile. I think that the boats are coated with this hide and made of the floaty material in the floating blocks you constantly see. This would allow them to float, move quickly, and not break.

"But, if they had an invincible substance, they'd use it for more stuff!"

Well, they want to put on a good show. If they gave all the enemies coats of invincible armor, the shows would be boring and everyone would die. Notice how two other invincible objects are cannons and sawblades. Those can't break, but they aren't so much of a threat since they're mechanical. So yes, the cats are using the horse's hide for some stuff, but not to make the show super-boring and hard.

"But your character can safely put his hand in the 'gelatin' and it won't get injured, and move it with enough force to attract a nearby boat!"


Well, my theory is that the prisoners all have great strength. Notice how the air-conditioners have enough force to make the prisoners actually FLOAT, but the rocks constantly seen in-game aren't effected. This means the rocks must be a great deal heavier than the prisoners. However, the prisoners are still able to pick up and throw the rocks, indicating great strength. A person this strong could move gelatin with enough force to make a small boat actually move. As for the danger of dipping your hand in a gelatin, the hand barely goes under the surface. I believe it's acidic enough that being fully submerged would cause severe damage, but not dipping something under like your toe or hand.


"Okay, okay, so the water isn't water? So what?"



Back to Hatty. Notice how in one cutscene, it is claimed that a "Voodoo Witch Doctor" blessed the hat 20 minutes before it was cursed. When it was blessed, it glowed GREEN (watch the cutscene again to see this yourself). This indicates that green = good. At the end, the hat shoots a GREEN laser. Not a red one. This laser isn't evil powers, it's GOOD powers.

My theory? While Hatty was immobile, he was fighting an internal battle. All the joy and happiness of his mind VS. the sadness and angst inside the hat. When the hat was removed near the end, Hatty was able to win his battle against the amount of sadness remaining in his body. He was still dazed, but nonetheless very happy. When the hat touched his head again, BANG! The happiness defeated the depressed souls in the hat, and the souls cried out (you can hear it in the cutscene). The badness was then launched out in a huge green laser that eradicated everything bad in its path.

"But wait! An innocent plane was destroyed, AND the boat!"

Well no. The boat only flips a little. Watch the cutscene. And "innocent" plane? Ha, right! It's coming from the same direction the boat was coming from. From a creepy island normal planes probably would never fly over. My theory is that after the prisoners escaped, the remaining cats packed up and attempted to escape on the plane. Of course, it was eradicated by the laser.

As for the bear, a poster earlier indicates the bear is a giant and evil power that could cause the end of the world.


So, it seems this giant evil bear came to pass, and it came to DESTROY THE WORLD. But then the laser killed it. Great!


An alien spaceship was also destroyed, but that alien very easily could've been evil. Tons upon tons of similar aliens attack your character in Castle Crashers, meaning that most aliens of that sort are evil.

"Okay, but... Hatty drowned, didn't he?!"

A person can survive underwater for about 5 minutes. It's after that that permanent damage starts to happen, and not until 10 minutes that the brain dies. Watch the cutscene. Hatty's not even under for 2 minutes. The power of his happiness combined with the hat may have even provided him more air!

What do I think happened after that?

Hatty recovered from being dazed, swam to the surface, saw the boat nearby, climbed on, and everyone celebrated.

"But wait, the narrator SPECIFICALLY says the prisoners can't swim."

Well, the prisoners can't swim in gelatin. You never see them in REAL water. Of course the narrator would tell you they can't swim! That's to prevent you from getting killed in gelatin!

And of course, if Hatty went on frequent boat trips with his friends, surely a gentleman like that would make sure everyone could swim! And he himself! He would almost CERTIANLY be able to swim!

The main problem is he may have gotten the bends (decomprsesion sickness) on the way up. He's one of the least likely candidates for this, however, as you have to have a multitude of diseases and be female for this to be most likely in the first place. However, with treatment, he would most likely be fine. When divers get the bends, they can often survive. If you get to a doctor within a few hours of having symptoms, you're often fine. It only takes most of the time of the first cutscene for the boat to reach the theater, and assuming the boat is only going at about 2 knots per hour in that scene, this means that the distance from land to the theater is VERY SHORT, even with the momentum from the storm. Hatty would be okay, even if he got the bends.

Hatty might not be alive though, as he may not have been able to swim, and he may have died in an accident on the way up. Or he may have gotten the bends, and they may have been too severe. However, I retain hope, and assume this story DOES have a happy ending.


Thanks for reading, and thanks to the mods for approving 5 prior posts. :)


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