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A Quite Funny Story

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Well, earlier today I was trying to get the lavalamp star head. I tried and tried but nobody would offer theirs. So when I ran into another person with the lavalamp head, I was expecting failure. He told me to offer 100 gems, and I did. Then I told him to offer lavalamp, even though I know it was a longshot. He offered lavalamp, though I knew he was gonna pull back at the last second. With caution, my first green light turned on. His turned on too. I turned my second one on. And so did he. I waited a second for his lights to turn off, but they didn't. Then he left, but I walked out with the head. He tried to pull back at the last second, but he was too late, and I got the head. Totally worth 100.

Moral: 1. Nobody could have a lava lamp head, It would easily break and cause brain damage. 2. You cant trade heads unless you had around 8 millions gems.

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ya seriously, I have a lava lamp as a head


You do!?!?


Don't freak out or anything... But you may just be my long lost twin baby brother!!!!

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