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Castle Crashers Characters Draw-off CCCD

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this is the draw-off, THE CONTEST WITH NO PRIZE!

we have 2 contestants already


you can draw the already existent characters in ur own way or make up your own unique character :D


there is no time limit to this this is for people who like other people who like drawing and like castle crashers ;)

in other words it will be up until someone locks it ;)

-contestants bellow-

Name: The Dragon (knight?)


Description:Special Attack: The Dragoon will be able to jump up and out of the screen, making only a shadow appear on the battlefield for a short time (2-10 seconds, depending on level and how long the player wants the character up there). While he is up the player can move the shadow to determine where he will come crashing down. Because this special attack makes the dragoon impossible to harm while he is in the sky, he is unable to equip a shield, making him easier to hurt while he is on the ground.

Notes on Design: Since Dragoons are also called Dragon Knights, I decided to keep the body of a regular knight, focusing the design around the iconic helm. Design was based mostly on Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV) with Dan Paladin's art style I also created a lance out of the Barbarian's Ax shown on the devblog.

Name: Pirate guy


Description: He's in your Castle Crashers, pillaging your villagers.

Name: Anger Knight

couldn't upload image


Magic: Cast miniature volcanoes across the ground that ERUPT WITH BOILING RAGE.

Is this an animal orb? right on!

Name: Woodenpig

couldn't upload image

Description: Increases the amount of money gained.

Name: The Chef

couldn't upload image

Description: description not yet available


sorry I haven't done much lately but i posted all the submissions, I'm at my friends house so im capable of editing on the forum :) have fun y'all and keep posting ;)

P.S. how do i put links to images, it woun't let me post any new images, it says:

"It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image."

please help

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id give it a shot if i had a way in hell id try with a mouse...sooo bad

i know what you mean. doing that dragoon with a mouse was hell, even though most of the body was from a preexisting image...

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cool tomorrow i'll have a picture i completely hand drew, but since i don't have a tablet of any kind, it's more like fan art so i had to settle with coloring it with color pencils, if u guys like it i can draw some more castle crashers fan art.

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