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How Awesome Would The Behemoth Be...

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If they gave us a countdown to the next furbottom release. Sure Friday sometime, but lets add some tension, drama, buildup, crazed rabid drooling cats frothing at the mouth waiting to get their grubby little paws on a new freakin sweet head that just might look like the head they've always wanted and dreamed of... In color too I might add.

I'd hit snooze on my life to see that golden clock timer hit zero, go ding, and signal the greatest moment I have once every two weeks, cross my fingers and hope my list got picked, throw my phone at the wall when I see it wasn't again, and rightly so, pick the shattered pieces of my $600 outburst up and see a new glorious head and be reminded that their are still good things in this life to look forward to every other week.

Man I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!!!

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