Giving Out Free Gems And Heads

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I have multiple xbox live accounts so yeah I just run the campaign on those, if I run out I make another account and run again.

From my understanding, traded gems don't get added to your global ranking though, only gems earned.  Besides having more to give away, what does it benefit you to play on a different account rather than just your primary?

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How do you get the multiple heads? Just other accounts and stocking?



I have a lot of gems so I can usually buy star heads from other people, and yes I keep heads on a few other accounts. I dont really care about my global ranking I love doing the campaign and the only benefit for me is giving the stuff I dont need away.

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Mondays give away has been promoted to 2k gems and 3 star heads. But the rules have been changed.

Looking forward to this! Thank you so much for what you are doing, and good luck to everyone. :D

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