Three More Prisoners In Battleblock Theater - How You Can Get Them...

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There’s a Triple Threat coming your way! This week, we’ve pulled out another three special prisoners for BattleBlock Theater!




Why you ask? Simple answer: Because we love you. Long story: Back in 2002, Dan and Tom’s flash version of Alien Hominid was first birthed ontoNewgrounds. The date of birth was August 7, 2002. And yes, that was earlier this week! So we’re going to bring you one of the characters of Newgrounds: Fatkid!


And we were planning on giving you a freebie anyway, so you’ll also be getting Snail when you log in. Get those two for the next week (until August 15th) just for signing in to Xbox LIVE and loading up the full version of BattleBlock Theater!




Finally, the third special prisoner released this week will be Triple Threat! Yup, it’s almost like you get three prisoners in one. This bad boy–or girl, we’re not sure–is unlocked when you finish either the latest solo or co-op playlist in Furbottom’s Features. Get through all those levels and you achieve greatness.


Happy playing, friends and fans! (Oh and happy birthday to our favorite [gun]friendly alien!)


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Its popularity will die down when a lot of people have it but that probably wont be for a long time. The funny thing is that I joined the week Winston was released I didn't get him at the time but a few weeks later I did and it really didn't matter to me at all. I love the fact that winston is rare as you get to have some very "interesting" conversations with people in the lobby.  :ph34r:  

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I don't have it, but if I do I wouldn't wear it as well, because in my opinion, I think Winston looks ugly lol.


How dare you say that to the creator's dog!!!

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