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why winstons rarity so low? 

shoulnt be higher beacuse he was one of the first released?


He was re-released for national dog day back in august, basically ruining his price.

I told him to say when the heads were re-released or released and their prices.

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Do you mean Furbottom? I think its because a lot of people got the head with the initial surge of players from it being released. You didnt have to do a Furbottoms Feature to get him, so a lot of people were able to get it without even knowing what they got. I could be wrong.

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This topic is derailing slowly......

I was posting so that when Hazard updates his star head guide he doesn't have to double post.


It's winding down, but I don't think all of the star heads will be out before the new year, I think we will be getting them slowly until the anniversary day of the game's release.

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