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I gotta say, this was one heckuva ride. I haven't had a challenge in a while so this is such a fresh new thing for me, I enjoyed lots of the levels, it was difficult, but not the kind of rage difficult, it was fun difficult! Each error I make I get more determined to finish it (Except that ladder one I just couldn't eueueuechch...) I felt like a little lab mouse up for testing evven though I was Cat-Control halfway through but anyway, I had a real fun time!

P.S. Thanks for helping me get I-See-You or whatever abomination the behemoth decided to release behind the cell-of-freaks.

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The play testing is finished! The arena challenge levels have been uploaded for your playing pleasure, the adventure set based on the same levels will be out shortly. Gamertags will be the same for both sets of levels.

Thank you all so very much for your assistance in making these levels!


Playlist: Solo BBT Ninjas

User: Backup Sidekick

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Sidekick, are you going to post that extremely hard, ninja solo challenge playlist on this forum?

EDIT: Don't worry, you already posted it.


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