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Hello, this is my new solo story/adventure playlist I've been working on very (very) slowly since round about the game was released back in April.  It consists of the standard story format, 9 adventure, 2 finales, and 3 encores along with a secret bonus level hidden in level 6...or is it?  I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by playing it.


There isn't really a set difficulty for this playlist, some of them are easy while are few are challenging.  The A+ times were made by playing the level through and recording my time, so to get all the strawberries you'll have to beat my best.  The playlist name and my gamertag are below.


Playlist Name: Cat Chaos

My Gamertag: Toby 5125


Playlist Type: Solo Story


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my playlist.


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A good playlist overall, but I found the encores unnecessarily restrictive on time, and some of the traps were a bit too unforgiving. Aside from those minor faults it was a great challenge and a lot of fun. 4/5 Stars.

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