Winston Re Released

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Why are you here again?

I'd like to ask you the same question.


I'm here because I appreciate what the Behemoth does, not just for Bbt. I bet you wouldn't know of their existence if it wasn't for Bbt and Castle Crashers, in the other hand I started playing/liking Dan's work from back in a day when Alien Hominid was created at Newgrounds.


Trust me, I have much more to tell then you do.



>He still plays cc psn, memor.

What if I didn't? Would that make me less of a user, or take my right of commenting away? 


I new aboute TheBehemoth when they first started on newgrounds two. I used to play Alienhominid all the time on new grounds and thean bought the gameboy and gamecube vershouns when they came out and so on and so on.

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