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Backup sidekick

What Did You Do Today?

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*(Still don't know how this double posted. Sorry for creating lame work for the mods! noob move.)


Simple rules:


Use your initials (mine are MJW)


Find those letters in the lists below. (M. My Will Stamper Voodoo doll Etc.)


YOU choose which options to use.


YOU also chooose WHY you did what you did today from the list or make up your own reason.


Make the sentence using the format at the bottom.




                Object 1


A,B.         My Old Gameboy                                                                                                   


C,D.        Two Yard Gnomes                                                                                                 


E,F.          A Large Pizza                                                                                                         


G,H.         My Gerbil                                                                                                               


I,J.            A Twinkie                                                                                                               


K,L.          A Miniature Pony                                                                                                   


M,N.        My Will Stamper Voodoo doll 


O,P.         Five Dead Crows                                                                                    


Q,R.         A Pinata                                                                                                                 


S,T.          My Trousers                                                           


U,V.         Myself                                                                                                                    


W,X.        A Wax Sculpture of Dan Paladin                                                                                           


Y,Z.          A Goldfish Bowl                     




Action (Use "it", "them", "Him")


A,B.         Gently Carressed   


C,D.          Put (it) in my pants with


E,F.          Put (it) in my mouth with      


G,H.         Took a bath in


I,J.            Stuffed (it) with


K,L.          Sent my mom a picture of    


M,N.        Moaned and ran my fingers across


O,P.         Thought about


Q,R.         Put (it) in


S,T.          Licked


U,V.         Ate


W,X.        Filled (it) with


Y,Z.          Threw (it) at




Object 2.


A,B.         A Tub of Organs


C,D.          Unicorn Bacon


E,F.          Moldy Candy


G,H.         Myself


I,J.            A Jar of Fingers


K,L.          A Dirty Diaper


M,N.        Pubic hair shavings


O,P.         Some Toe Jam


Q,R.         My Banana Hammock


S,T.          My Grandma’s Dentures


U,V.         A Slot on my Toaster


W,X.        A Plate of Cats


Y,Z.          Lots of Ketchup






I was Hungry


I want to watch the world Burn


Memories are for losers


The voices said to


I got paid $40 to do it


I wanted to set a world record


I wanted to make my Girlfriend Jealous


It’s that time of the month


That’s how I unwind


Miley Cyrus inspired me to be myself


Nobody tells me what to do


That’s my super power


I like giving back to the poor


Nothing good was on tv


I needed and after dinner snack


I’m preparing for a zombie outbreak







"Today I grabbed (OBJECT 1) and I (ACTION) (OBJECT 2) because (WHY)"





What did I do today?


Today I grabbed my Will Stamper Voodoo Doll and I Stuffed it with a plate of cats because I was hungry.

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Today, a Goldfish bowl moaned and I ran my fingers across myself because Miley Cyrus inspired me to be myself.


Don't forget kids, always blame your foolish actions on Miley Cyrus, she can't get more screwed than she already is.

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Today I put my Will Stamper voodoo doll in my mouth because the voices told me too

Michael Eric Doyle


Decided to get weird so I did I put my Dan Paladin wax statue in my pants with pubic hair shavings so I could make my girlfriend jealous.

Hope you like Dan!

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