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[13-Sept-13] Royal Rumble!

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It's Friday the 13th, and that means a new FEATURE! It must be your lucky day!


King Arena Feature:

RumbleCubeVenue by BulimianRhapsdy




First off, we'd like to assure all of you that "RumbleCube Venue" is not an actual place that you can go. If you are looking to be imprisoned so that you can perform for cats, BattleBlock Theater is still the ONLY PLACE THAT YOU CAN DO THAT. OKAY?!


Thank you.


Now that we've cleared that up, I'd like to introduce you to the carefully calibrated contraptions of BulimianRhapsdy! And before you make THAT face, this playlist has nothing to do with being enthusiastic about bulimia. His name is Rhapsdy, not Rhapsody, and I'm pretty sure that's not even a word.




So you might be thinking, "Hey, King mode! I'm gonna get me up on some King blocks!". Well don't start counting your kingdoms yet: even when you're not facing blocking bridges and triggerable traps there's a bevy of bumpy obstacles that will send your royal person flying far from the throne!




But whether a shiny new crown is in your future or not, as an extra special reward for your struggles you'll receive not one, but TWO new prisoners! 




See, now this is why we stopped using snake pits in our performances. Unreliable! And by joining up with this scrappy chappy you too can not die when you're supposed to. You jerk.




Or, if you prefer, a tiny cyclopedian! All the charm and grace of a toddler with the legendary depth perception of a pirate. Enjoy!


[Arena Feature 13-SEPT-13 to 27-SEPT-13]

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The first level is stuffed... Sometimes when you die, you spawn on the top of the level were there is buzz saws constantly killing you, and it takes about 6 deaths before you spawn back down... -.-

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