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Solo Adventure Playlist: Road Not Taken

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Hello, I would like to introduce my newest playlist...Road Not Taken!


Title: Road Not Taken

By: ps3guyguy


Difficulty: Advanced


Description: As you are released to your 5 minute break from stage playing you find an area just behind the theater where you find a path that splits into two. The path to the left  leads to a boat that you imagine yourself sailing off to freedom in and another path to the right which leads downward into the depths of the theater. For some unknown reason you take the right path and descend into the dark, unforgiving part of the abandoned theater...


Please support my levels by rating my levels what you think they are worth :)


I would also like to thanks 8Bitten (GT: CMoNeYno23) and Undead Ninya (GT: Undead Ninya) for play-testing my levels for me and giving me back feedback :) A personal thanks to you guys!


And thank you to everyone else out there for reading this and play my new playlist! ^_^

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