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Respond with the name of a game that starts with the same letter as the last letter of the game posted before.


First post


Next post needs a game that starts with O because Halo ends in O:

"Oddworld: stranger's wrath"

The game you post must be something you have actually played, and you have to give a short breakdown of what the gameplay is like, system it's on, and what you liked about it.

To start:

Air fortress:

NES title. Side scrolling shooter that switches from controlling a spaceship to controlling a person with a jet pack.

The music is cool, the gameplay changes depending on if you are flying or inside the fortresses. Plus the items you collect while flying help you while inside the fortress.

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Super Mario World


Dunno title. Side scrolling platformer where you go through levels and kill stuff and rescue stuff and blah blah blah.


Classic old mario that we all know and love.

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