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The "opposite Game"

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Okay so the game is called The "Opposite" Game. The main idea is whatever is said the opposite is meant to the next player that posts but what the next player posts can effect what was said before to change it or add onto it or whatever they want to do with it until it sticks to someone when a player decides to or you can keep that one going.



Poster 1: Your home is in fine condition. --- So he means his home is in terrible condition.

Poster 2: It is no longer standing but atleast my pets aren't healthy.  --- So he meant it's still standing and his pets are healthy.

Poster 1: I didn't come and not take down your home. --- So he meant he came and took down his home.

Poster 3: A tornado didn't blow your houses away and end there. --- So he meant a tornado came and blew away both of their houses and also ending that conversation having the next poster start a new one.


I see how this can be confusing I apologize but try giving it a shot it might end up interesting :)


I will start us off easy :)


Your school doesn't have school days on weekends.

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