What Do You Want To See And Not See In A Playlist?

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Give a lot of details and examples please!!!


I would like to see the following in a playlist:


nice color combinations

cool patterns

lots of signs for cautions and directions

hidden gems with distinct patterns

unique puzzles

unique obstacles

old obstacles and puzzles with a new twist

3 gems in small levels

5 gems in medium levels

7 gems in large levels

Different level sizes

smart back tracking levels

interesting names for your playlist

A unique secret level or maybe even an adventure secret level

A fun playlist

A challenging playlist not hard

More words in playlist levels, like "BOOM" in the level picture

Better level names

An actual story to go with your playlist with pictures and maybe a video

I want people to make fan art for playlists they love

I want to see sequels to great playlists but not a part two in the title, example: "Damaged Good", and obviously for a sequel part two would be "Damaged Bad".

Less pathways more straight forward maps, nobody likes 6 different paths that you have to try each one to figure out where to start first, put a sign up.

Also if your going to make a level where you back track, make sure to put directional signs with switch blocks that uncover a new sign that clearly tells you to go backwards.

Most importantly have 5 people test your levels of different ages. Different ages means different skill levels which leads to you tweaking it to be easier. or harder.

TWEAK YOUR LEVEL BASED OFF PEOPLE PLAYING ON IT, this will make it so every skill level of every age will have a clear understanding of what to do and if they can do it. This leads to high ratings!!

And purposely try to break you level and have others try. No level is perfect so test, test, and test.

Don't publish your playlist until your completely satisfied with every level or you'll have regrets.


Well that is pretty much it, I hope people can improve there playlists off our suggestions combined. Thanks for participating!!!

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Anybody else? Now is the time to be picky about playlists:) 

Sorta me (minus a few) my playlist name is "Shindig Time" and it's by the same name as on this                   (Captain MasonM)

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