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Breaking Bad Finale Thread!

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Greetings ladies and gentleman, I don't know how many of you watched the Breaking Bad finale yesterday, but it felt satisfying!


I wish every finale was like it, the slow tension rising throughout the episode, also Walter becoming ''human'' once again. The last few scenes were expected, except the fact that he'd assume his passion for being a drug lord. 




- Lydia ricined a proper goodbye


- Jesse went full Kratos on Todd.


- Jesse free.


- Walter playing ''Mr Bad guy'' on Elliot and Gretchen.


- Skyler partially forgiving Walter for his deeds.


- Jackson SOOOOOOO deserved that bullet to his head.


Moral of the story: What starts in a meth lab, ends in a meth lab.


The only problem I had was Walter Jr turning his back to Walter, that scene was heartbreaking.


My score: 10/10 - A true masterpiece, a finale that certainly won't be forgotten. I just wish Dexter had gone the same way...


For those of you who took the time to watch such a perfect final craft, what did you think?

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