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Spooky Costume Month!

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Though it is now a bit into October, the month of spookiness, I have noticed almost nobody wearing halloween-esque heads. I just want to motivate people to be more spirited around holidays, and bring some variety to BBT instead of just wearing the newest star head for a week or two.


Here is a list of some heads I think are Halloween-ish, and feel free to add more if you want:



Pumpkin, Skeleton, Ghost, Vampire, Stitched-up Mouth, Eyeball.



Mummy, X'd out eyes and stitch, Skull, Clown, Demon, Zombie, Red Eyed, Scratchy Eye Rings W/ Ears.



Vampire(?) W/ Red Eyes, Devil, Mummy, Werewolf.



Hockey Mask, Clown.



Triple Threat, Eye See You, Manbirth (Maybe),


Thank your for reading, and post your favorite Halloween Prisoner!

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