Level Creation Competition

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Planning/Sign-up phase!

Hey guys, welcome to the first BBT level creation competition!

Creating a full adventure playlist can be a long and daunting task, so what better motivation than a bit of friendly competition and prizes!?

See below for all the info you're ever likely to need!






- Full solo adventure playlists only.

- One entry per person. (no updated/fixed versions will be accepted)

- Must be a new playlist. (no entering any previously created playlists or updated versions of them)

- Must be entered before the deadline!


All playlists will be scored out of 25 in 3 categorys:

- Playability (basicaly, how fun/challenging the playlist is)

- Visual design (How good the playlist as a whole looks; consistent themes, clear to see where the player can and can't go, etc)

- Originality

Highest possible score is 75. If you think another category should be added, leave a comment.


5-9 entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. Surprise prize!

10-14 entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. 2nd place - 1600 msp. Surprise prize!

15+ entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. 2nd place -1600 msp. 3rd place - 800 msp. Suprise prize!

Playlist upload:5th November - Deadline.

DEADLINE: TBA (late November - early December)

Judging phase: Deadline +1 week.


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Thanks for joining! Hopefully around 10 people will take part - Spread the word!

@Quentin 3 judges would be ideal. I'm pretty new to the forums so I'm not really sure who I could ask.


Updated prizes! :)



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