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This thread is to talk about games made by Popcap. I mean the "neglected" ones. Ex. Insaniquarium, Heavy Weapon, Zuma, Peggle, ect.. So what is your favorite neglected game? I am personally a sucker for Peggle and Insaniquarium.

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Insaniquarium is greatgreatgreatgreatgreat, I love it so, Heavy Weapon and Feeding Frenzy are some old favorites too... not too big on Zuma or Feeding Frenzy 2 though...


I'm surprised you'd say that Zuma or Peggle were neglected, Zuma has almost as many spin-offs and sequels as Bejeweled, and Peggle was highly acclaimed and is getting a sequel on the Xbox One (coming to PS4 later) in December.


Although PvZ and Bejeweled are undoubtedly their flagship franchises, I wouldn't call Peggle or others neglected, if you wanna REALLY go into overlooked Popcap games, then you'd have to go back to like Chuzzle, Typer Shark!, Pizza Frenzy etc

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