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Official Cat Guard Report on Prisoner S#~%,~€£

Someone has smeared the rest of the name.

This prisoner appears to be taller, but that is unconfirmed, as he is seen rarely.

He seems to like mocking us and "narrating" us and the prisoners by constantly throwing poo-jokes at us, saying "MYEAH SEE", etc. He likes to annoy the prisoners, which will only make them rage or laugh. If they laugh, the prisoners will take things easier, which is not good for entertainment. If he makes them rage, he will be benefiting us by making the prisoners angrier, which means more fails/ more action.

It is unclear what side this "narrator" is on.

Observations have been made and:

Some prisoners can't hear him, as they appear to block the voice out with an unknown substance. Hatty betraying us?

Others have developed cat like hearing and hear the Narrator very well.

This has been an official report by Claws Meowburt. Singed with claws, \ | | /

EDIT: I know the prisoner is Stamper, just pretend.

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I looked at these prisoner photos, I thought they were really cool.  I thought they were going to do a profile for each prisoner.


Is there a direct link to the  "Prisoner S#~%,~€£"?  I tried following Koen's link, but I couldn't find Prisoner S#~%,~€£ anywhere.

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