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Why I Quit Playing This Game ...

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I lost the time and interest playing it..


All my friends that played it moved on or headed to the pc...


The only person i still keep in contact with from time to time is otto and i removed alot of old friends since they moved on or never want to play as well.


I gave up on battle block as well since im still very active playing monday night combat.


Reason being is its the team fortress on the 360 that plays well..


Its full of its bugs but no match is the same.


I also have a family and work seasonal and now that im laid off in a week ill be able to play some cc or finish my two insane mode runs i never got to finish...


Hatty and green knight (note i reset my green knight after attempting to go from level 0 to beating insane mode with otto but the project went nill).


Ps3 i have cc as well but just don't play my ps3 much and lost interest on there too.. not used to the controller.  I do love playing it more on ps3 though since there is no button lag with the swings like the 360 and it seams a little more polished.  Don't know if thats the coding but ... cest la vie

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Man you were one of the best players on Castle Crashers, it feels like this game is just slowly disappearing and that saddens me. Also Alian, you spelled guess wrong and that post was basically useless to make.

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