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Regarding The Behemoth And Youtube Content Id

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I contacted Megan regarding The Behemoth's stance on YouTube Content ID.


Hi Hi,


It really depends on what they're trying to do and also what the format of
their channel videos are like. If you could submit your channel and
request, then we can let you know if we will allow that use of
characters or not. 


People can private message me here on the forums or email at games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com. 






If you wish to upload a video and receive Megan's blessing, then by all means, go ahead and PM her or email them.

Edited by megan
Just editing it a bit to prevent getting spam. Thanks! -M

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Also! Keep in mind that the songs within the games are copyright protected by the artists themselves. For example, a lot of Castle Crashers songs were made by different artists and you would need to request permissions from those specific artists if you want to use a particular song. Some songs are made by us, and some songs are made by artists we contacted for the games. 

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