Wierd Visual Glitch/bug In Bbt?

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I noticed a weird background bug/glitch in Battle Block Theater. I found it awhile back and I don't know what's happening, and not many people notice it or even know about it. Can someone explain what's happening?


Steps on how to see it...


1: Obtain the Siren star head in Battle Block Theater and equip it. This works with other heads outlines, but the visual error works best with the Siren because of its design.


2: Go to the main menu in Battle Block Theater and go to options. It will appear as a question mark icon.


3: In options, go to "Player Stats." It will appear as a clipboard icon.


4: In Player Stats, you can compare your heads, rank, etc. In your box where your stats is, it should show your character. If you are the Siren head, the glass part of the head will show the main menu background in it moving around. It looks like someone cut a hole in the screen.


NOTE: If your character is not the Siren head, play an online game an exit out and check again. It should update.


I have no idea why it does that. If someone can explain that would be helpful. Even though this is not a major bug, it is odd why it does that.


Also for Mods, I put this in Technical Issues because it is a bug, if this needs to be moved please move. Thank you. :)

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